Care Instructions for Pleated products


Care Instructions for pleated products

・ Washing Instructions
Place in a laundry net and machine-wash on a short cycle with the water temperature set below 30℃ or gently wash by hand.
After lightly removing excess water, reshape the garment in the direction of the pleats and dry in a well ventilated area away from the sunlight.
To maintain the shape of the pleats for longer, it is recommended to wash the garment each time after wearing.

・ Storage
Roll the garment according to the direction of pleats when storing.

・ Precautions
- Do not dry clean.
- Do not tumble dry, iron or steam press, as the finish of the fabric is not designed to withstand heat.
- Please avoid wearing the garment when wet to avoid stretching the pleats.
- Please avoid applying prolonged pressure while the garment is stretched.
- The design of the product does not allow for sleeves or hems to be altered.
- Please understand that reprocessing pleats is not possible.

With regard to the handling of each product, please refer to the care label.